Catering to a Technology-Dependent Audience

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Running Head: Technology Dependent Audience Technology Dependent Audience Technology Dependent Audience As the world has crossed the threshold of twenty first century, technology has revolutionized by leaps and bounds, which has left an indelible imprint on this competitive world. Over the years, the incessantly offered wide range of innovative techniques by the technological advancements has reformed not only the ideas, notion and perceptions of the people but also the lifestyle has also transformed (Arthur 2009). In comparison to the past few centuries, the technological progression and expansion in the past few decades have been clearly observed and witnessed to a much greater extent, which is constantly growing and advancing at an unprecedented rate. In this regard, one cannot overlook the fact that humankind has become profoundly contingent upon technology and science (Arthur 2009). In fact, Reed (2007, p. 327) defines technology as "one part of the complex of relationships that people form with each other and the world around them; it simply cannot be understood outside of that concept." In this modern era of breakthroughs, technology has made boundless and extensive development and growth, and due to this all the sectors of human lives that take account of business, health care, education, entertainment, travelling and even personal relationships have come under its strong dominance and control. Nevertheless, this is the truth because people from all over the
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