Caterpillar Equipment has Come a Long Way

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Caterpillar has come a long way from its beginnings. What started as two competitors, Benjamin Holt and Daniel Best, working to improve farm equipment has turned into an international corporation committed to making progress possible and employing more than 132,000 people. From providing the power that brought us Neil Armstrong’s first words from the moon to enabling construction of the tunnel under the English Channel, their rugged yellow machinery has been breaking ground and moving mountains for more than 85 years. Over those years, Caterpillar people have followed in their founders' footsteps, introducing breakthrough solutions for the purpose of enhancing their customers' success (Caterpillar, 2014). The heart of the Cat brand is a devotion to the customer. Cat’s business model is fundamentally different than their leading competitors because it revolves around the promise of total life cycle value. Cat products are designed with superior quality, unsurpassed reliability, durability, serviceability, reparability and outstanding support. Caterpillar East Peoria has been building tractors for 100 years now and their mission statement includes the goal of producing 1 tractor in 10 days so they will remain around for another 100 years (Caterpillar, 2014). Trying to remain customer focused and to build even a larger presence, Cat East Peoria was the first to follow in its competitor’s footsteps by streamlining its operations and introducing SAP software. Following a

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