Cathedral Essay

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Sometimes we have to look beyond what we see on the outside to understand something more deeply. In the short story Cathedral By Raymond Carver, the narrator has an attitude of being selfish, and jealous through the story. The narrator’s wife invites a blind man, Robert, to come stay in their house for a short time while the man visits family members of his own wife who recently passed. The narrator is not enthusiastic because blind people make the narrator uncomfortable, mainly because the narrator has no real experience with the blind. In addition, to his uneasiness with the blind the narrator is uncomfortable with the relationship his wife and the blind man have. The wife and Robert, the blind man, have maintained a close
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The narrator assumes that that he is more capable of making his own wife happy than Robert simply because he can see. When the narrator makes this assumption it shows that he doesn’t know the difference between seeing and understanding something more deeply for the true meaning.
When Robert first arrives, things are a little awkward. The narrator isn’t sure what to say to Robert. As the night goes on they share many drinks, eat dinner, and even smoke some dope. Even the simple concept of smoking weed was one of the first real connections the narrator and Robert had. The narrator, seeing that Robert wanted to smoke some dope with him might have made him feel more comfortable and think Robert as just an normal, easy-going man. Once the wife falls asleep on the couch, we begin to see how Robert begins to open up the narrators eyes. Robert is an insightful and compassionate man who takes the time to truly listen to others , which helps him to “see” them better than he could with his eyes. These are qualities that the narrator is strongly lacking which start to inspire him to change. The only thing on television is a documentary about cathedrals the narrator wonders if Robert knows what a cathedral looks like so he asks him. Roberts asks him to describe the cathedral for him, because he can’t picture one. “I stared hard at the shot of the cathedral on the TV. How could I even begin to describe it? But say my life
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