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Cathedral There are many themes in the short story “Cathedral,” some of them include the Cathedral itself and the difference between looking at something and really seeing something. Throughout the short story you see how people have different personalities and see how fast a person can change. The Cathedral and the audiotapes mean much more to both main characters than just an object or a building.
In the beginning of the story the narrator is completely disgusted at the thought of a blind man being in his house because of all the false things he’s heard about people who can’t see. Peoples perceptions change rapidly once they get to know someone, and in this case when the narrator got to know Robert the blind man, he realized that he
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This short story helps make people understand that there is always more to the world than you know and there is always more to learn. Imagine if a complete stranger came into your life and changed all your views on the world and had you rethink the way you’ve been living your entire life. You, too, would want to keep your eyes closed.
This theme is important because people go their entire lives looking but not really seeing. In the beginning of the story, the blind man asks to see the wife’s face, “(blind peoples) sense of touch is no keener than the average person 's, but the more frequent use of touch enables them to more quickly and efficiently analyze the things they touch” (Bowles). As humans, we overlook the small things and concentrate on the big and in doing so, we fail to realize that the little things are sometimes the hugely important factors in life. This can also go along with not judging people right away; do not judge a book by it’s cover. Nowhere in the story does it describe how the narrator felt after the blind man drew a Cathedral with him, but you can tell by the words he used that he had never felt more alive. He felt like he was in an empty world and opening his eyes would only remind him of the nothingness he’s been living. The narrator says many things that makes it obvious that he is fully capable or looking but that he does not see any solution to fixing his life. He is leading a boring life he hates with no communication
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