Cathedral High School Website Analysis

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Cathedral High School is a prestigious and catholic school at El Paso available strictly for men and 9th graders to 12th graders trying to accomplish excellence in their students, preparing them for their college studies. The school's mission referred in their website is "Cathedral High School teach students lead through holistic and competitive environments, and also cultivate our school's intellectual, athletic and spiritual gifts in them." The mission is accompanied by a beautiful quote from the bible. This essay will review Cathedral's website aspects regarding intended audience, understandable report of their core message, structure, and if its organization is convenient enough to surf on it. As plenty of people might think that a school…show more content…
For current students there is information on how to acquire lunch plans, calendar for organizational purposes, social media links if they want to better communicate out of school, a webmail to be informed about anything with respect to school, and an interface with all sports if they are interested in joining. Even there is a link for parents where they can check on a regular basis their son's progress in school which is so convenient, besides there is upcoming events and news sites of Cathedral. Future students are the most informed by the website, there is all type of information for them, like how to apply, interesting facts about the high school itself as achievements and year highlights, athletic interface if they are motivated to participate in a particular sport, and articles about why to choose them and about college counseling. One last thing to mention in respect of the website, the colors are used in a clean way giving the website a "fresh" look, also indicating the school's traditional colors. The school logo is shown in the next page, it is included in every single page of the website at the top left
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