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Cathedral & Shiloh Analysing friction stories can lead to many conclusion by how the reader is taking thoughts from it. In this class, we have read many stories that have focused on many thoughts. We had stories that were focused on women's thinking, their speech and how they deal with their beloved ones. We also had stories giving details on wars, love, religion, and one of the most common topic - gender. The two stories being discussed in here are Shiloh by Mason and Cathedral by Carver. These two stories have few things in common that can be described in a way that can tell us how the two men suffered throughout their lives on different aspects of their lives; of their personality. Cathedral and…show more content…
Short story review says, "The narrator of the story, is something of a bigot and a loner, insensitive and intolerant, and that their marriage is a strained one" (Elliott, 1). This says it all on how their marriage was something where they lived together under same house and that was the only thing they had. The husband does his drinking and smoking and goes to sleep when the wife is in bed by the time when he's by himself smoking. Leroy's marriage was same one also, a strained one. At the end of the story Norma Jean leaves Leroy, which seemed like it was going to happen because since he had been staying home more often they were having issues. It seemed like they drew eachother apart weather it was intentionally or accidently. Throught out the story Leroy is trying to build a home for Norma Jean, which according to Champion says, "He relates the main metaphor for rebuilding his marriage, building a house, with that for Norma Jean's desire for independence, building her body" (1). At the end, they finally break up because it was too much for both of them. They knew it had to happen one day because their marriage was just as empty as couple in Cathedral. Another change in these two men's lives that was common, I thought, was the turning point of their lives. This turning point may be different in their lives but what the importance is that how

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