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How Is Catherine Morland presented in Volume one? Northanger Abbey’s primary trajectory is the development of the main female character. Even though Catherine Morland is not a typical female Bildungsroman, her realisations in who she is and who she is becoming are very evident throughout the novel. George Willis defines the Bildungsroman as “a novel which traces the spiritual, moral, psychological, or social development and growth of the main character towards maturity.” In this novel, the main developments of Catherine being traced are the social, psychological, emotional and intellectual, in addition to her growth as a fully functional lady of society. The first chapter focuses on the Catherine's practicality, her intelligent, but…show more content…
Sewing was another one; girls would learn to do elegant embroidery. Speaking foreign languages was considered an accomplishment; girls would learn French and German and how this education plays a role in her position within society. Catherine Morland was the complete opposite of the stereotypical child; Jane Austen presented Catherine at the beginning of the novel to the broad conflicting on how a heroine should act. Catherine Is more apparent when she turns fifteen years old, we gain an insight that Catherine has developed into a different character, “her love for dirt gave away” and “grows quite a good looking girl” this shows the maturity of Catherine and the stages into adulthood. Catherine’s appearances change completed as, “her features were softened, by plumpness and colour”. Also, Catherine was “reading books of information”, Catherine is now showing traits of the “accomplished women” and the qualities of a heroine, nevertheless at the start of the novel Jane presents Catherine as nothing but a heroine and this shows how Catherine grows up and becomes more mature. In the first part of the novel, Catherine finds herself in the fashionable Bath where she is eager for adventures. She meets people who are in Bath for different reasons but mainly to find a suitable partner in life. Already after a couple of weeks in Bath, far away from her family, she is starting to mature. Her introduction to Bath society makes Catherine
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