Catholic Christian Beliefs On Canonization

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Johnny Wilkerson
Philosophy 210 Sec. 3002
Blakely Hume
June 26, 2015
The Catholic Christians belief on Canonization and the Scripture writings have a difference according to Paul and the letters he wrote. Canonization is a process that is used by the churches to name Saints, the churches have utilized this since the nineteenth century. This has been done over and over for several years. It began with the early church, first martyrs then the public claim did the choosing of these saints; however, this way was thought to be democratic despite the information being distorted and some of it never even existed. However, some Christians have different views with the attributions given to beatification and canonization that is in
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This process was beginning several years after the death of the candidate and it was believed to give perspective to the candidate. It is the local bishops who carries out investigations of the life of the candidate and the heroic and orthodoxy writings of doctrine. A panel of theologians are assigned to evaluate the candidates at the Vatican, after the board approves the candidate, the pope announces veneration of the candidate. The essence of beatifying the candidate after death is the hope of him or her performing a miracle that has to give proof of his or her ability to be able to intercede for the sinners’ sins. After several miracles appeared, which has not been said where, the whole process can begin. The latest beatification was the one done in Kenya for Sister Stephanie (Gascoigne,…show more content…
These people were thought to go straight to heaven where they could be with Jesus in the presence of the Lord, for example these people had the ability to intercede for the living people’s sins. They believed in confessing their sins to other people in the hope of being prayed for and healing. These people were thought to be powerful and with a direct connection with God. However, the controversy against this is that there is no scripture in the Bible in support of this point; it is an abomination to pray to the death. Before God, all believers were equal no one is regarded purer than the other and worshiping a dead person or praying to them was a cult (George,
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