Catholic Church During The Protestant Reformation

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The three areas of concern that Catholics had about the Catholic Church before the Protestant Reformation were The Plague, Abuse of the Indulgences and The Great Schism. The Plague also known as the Black Death was a disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis that circulated among wild rodents. The disease took place in the fourteenth century. Symptoms include aching of limbs, high fever, vomiting of blood, and swelling of the lymph nodes. After the lymph nodes swelled they would then burst quickly followed by death. It was believed by many Christians that the cause of the plague was God’s anger at the sinfulness of mankind. Extreme measures were being taken to appease this anger. Groups of people known as the Flagenece went through the towns offering penance trying to make amends for the evil of the world. Due to their extreme approach of turning their anger on the Jews and priests who did not approve of them, they were suppressed and condemned by the Pope in 1349. There were questions as to why God was so angry with his people, and why his servants and leaders in the Church could not appease his anger. In the history of the church there have been a lot of Abuse of Indulgences. An indulgence can be seen like a certificate of credit. It is apparent by the Catholic doctrine, when a person has sinned, they can perform various forms of penance to earn the spiritual 'credit. ' This credit can then be used towards an early release from Purgatory. The Indulgence had been
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