Catholic Church Observation Papers

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Recently, I took the opportunity to visit a different church’s service other than my own. I did a lot of research to see what services close to where I live and thankfully I live somewhat close to Toledo so there were many different options. I chose to attend a service at Congregation B’nai Israel, which is a Jewish service. I didn’t know if I would feel comfortable going by myself so I asked my mom to also go with me because going to different services and churches can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. We dressed conservatively because we weren’t exactly sure how to be dressed. Before attending this service, I had never been to a Jewish service.
When first pulling up to this synagogue, I was surprised by the shape of the building. It had a circular shape design to the building with beautiful brick on the side. I am Catholic and attend my Catholic church every weekend, so seeing a building which such different structure made me realize how different some religions are. My church looks like an average church someone would picture and
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The one thing I would say was the most different was how long the service was. The service at Congregation B’nai Israel was almost three hours long. My church service is only about forty-five minutes long. At first I felt uncomfortable being in a different service, but I’m glad I got to experience something different. I’ve been to other catholic churches and even those have been different from my own church, but overall I got the same message. This Jewish service was completely different then what I was used to. I also thought it was different that the men and women sat on different sides of the synagogue. When I go to church, I go with my entire family so separating men and women doesn’t seem like something I would like, but I understand that is a tradition the Jewish religion
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