Catholic Church Research Paper

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“Let the church always be a place of mercy and hope, where everyone is welcomed, loved and forgiven,” Pope Francis once said. The church where our home and family is. People like to know about the roots of their home and family. I think it’s important to know about the roots of your faith. When you know more about your faith you can be closer to it. In order to learn about the origins of the Roman Catholic Church, a person needs to know about the Catholic Church in general, how and when the church was formed, and how the word ‘Catholic’ came about so that one can discover the roots of his/her Catholic faith and its importance.
Most people wouldn't expect for ‘Catholic’ to mean Universal, but it does. The word ‘Catholic’ came about, “...over a period of some decades after Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection...” (“Roman Catholicism”). The word ‘Catholic’ was created years after Jesus. “The bishops spread out across the world to form a ‘universal’ church,” including the bishop of Rome, “...(traced to the apostle Peter) holding primacy” (“Roman Catholicism”). When
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The origin of the church is “...the Latin- Roman Empire...” the church has, “1,170, 000, 000...,” and the location is, “...Vatican City...” (“Roman Catholicism”). The church is like any other church, it has it’s followers, origin, and location. The Catholic Church, like many others, “...has the Bible as it’s sacred text...” (“Roman Catholicism”). The Catholic Church shares the same holy text as many other religions, most people know this because the bible is used in so many of the other religions. “The church was formed around 1st- 5th Centuries C.E.” (“Roman Catholicism”). Most people believe it’s important to know what time the church was formed, or around what year. In conclusion it’s important to know the basic facts of the Roman Catholic Church, especially if the person is learning about
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