Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandal

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These reports have been dealt with internally by the church rather than civil authorities. In addition, the church has also been covering up many of the reports, paying over two billion dollars to prevent the scandal from being “leaked” into the public. A letter from the Vatican written in 1997 expressed “serious reservations” about reporting priests that were suspected of sexual abuse. The church has been hiding reports and avoiding suspicion by not acting guilty. Instead of bringing the issue public they have instead launched a three year investigation of U.S. women religious congregations which cost over three million. The Vatican leadership also ordered a doctrinal evaluation of the U.S. women religious leadership’s central network, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. Furthermore, bishops have issued press releases as well as reports and studies. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops published two reports on February 27, 2004. The first report written by the John Jay College of Criminal Justice included the data and statistics of the sexual abuse reports while the second report written by the National Review Board talks about the cause and effect of the problem. In addition the USCCB has also enacted the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young…
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