Catholic Churches In The Middle Ages

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Every king, queen, knight, serf, and soldier lived and died under the influence of the Catholic faith. The Catholic Churches in Rome played a huge part in the Middle Ages because Catholic Churches were the only churches in Europe during that period of time, they had large amounts of help from the Popes, Bishops, Saints, and the Cardinals, as well as the formal structure of the church.
The Bishops and Archbishops were crucial part of the church. They were church leaders and they sat on the king's council to make important decisions for their empire. The Bishops and Archbishops were next only to the Cardinals, who would assist the Pope with a variety of needs. They were the sole caretakers of everything related to the Roman Catholic Church.
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Joan of Arc was a young woman who was also known as The Maid of Orleans and La Pucelle. Joan was famous for rising against the English during their Hundred Years of War. Thomas Becket was the Archbishop of Canterbury whose quarrels with King Henry of England which also lead to his death in 1170. Fra Angelico was an artist of the Medieval Florentine and also specialised in pietistic painting. Finally, Albertus Magnus was a German philosopher, a Theologian, and a scientist. All of these Saints assisted their king in someway and were devoted to their Catholic Church. The order of the church was Pope, Cardinals, bishops, and then finally abbots. The leader of the church was the Pope. He was there to help and guide anyone who needed guidance. The Pope was also there to help the king of desperate needs. During the Middle Ages, people from all walks of land would travel just to speak to the Pope and see him. When the Pope would speak to the fanatics he would talk to them about the sins that they committed and how they would be forgiven for what they did. Catholic churches soon became the collective of religious institution which weakened the Pope’s
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