Catholic Clerical : Spiritual Bullying

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Catholic Clerical: Spiritual Bullying in the Church Could you give up your life for your faith? The Huguenots were willing to give up everything for their religious beliefs. Between 1562 and 1598, there were numerous civil wars and outbreaks of violence that were clearly motivated by religious differences. For centuries, the Roma Catholic Churches were the only religious system throughout
Europe, however, this started to change. From 1300’s to 1540, the world would see some of the worst and horrible atrocities imaginable, causing a Religious war that changed history forever.
Many historians argue that such things as politics, power, and material goods are the causes of these wars, but whereas others claim that religion is the main reason. From my religious background, and conducting the research, the evidence shows all the above is true. Along with the humanistic factors and the strong desires to understand the word of God, also play a role in the conflict. The evidence I will be using is the Bible, resource book, historical documents, historiography studies, and classic literature to prove that war was about religion, caused by men differences. My goal throughout this essay is to try and write a more objective investigative paper, in the way it presents the information from both sides of the Atlantic. The most important idea about the Huguenots was their involvement in the Protestant
Reformation because they were involved in

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