Catholic Community Services Helps Poverty-Stricken Community in Utah

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Catholic Community Services Catholic Community Services of Ogden has been a front line social service agency since 1945. From that time on, they have provided relief to poverty stricken in the northern Utah community. This paper will look at some of the problems facing children in poverty today. It will explain some of the services provided by Catholic Community Services of Ogden, as well as, how those services relate to children in poverty. This paper will examine some of the generalist social work roles performed at Catholic Community Services of Ogden, plus any biases, transference, or counter-transference issues I might encounter if I worked there. Despite the fact that their funding comes completely through donations, Catholic…show more content…
Bosgieter, funding for Catholic Community Services of Ogden comes entirely from donation 40% from the Utah food bank, 30% from grocery rescue, and 30% from private donation (personal communication, February 5, 2014). Crosson-Tower (2013) suggests twelve strategies to solve child poverty (pp. 73-75). Outlined below, Catholic Community Services of Ogden utilizes three of those strategies.
Food Pantry The Joyce Hansen Hall Food Bank is the primary focus of Catholic Community Services of Ogden. The majority of their facility is devoted to receiving incoming food donations, storing those donations, and distributing food to the impoverished community. M. Bosgieter indicated how clients are able to qualify for a food card if they are 150% of the national poverty level. The food card is good for up to two years and entitles the client to come for food distribution once per month. Food distribution is equivalent to about $150 and helps bridge the gap between the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and actual nutritional needs. The food pantry also delivers food to 300 of the community’s senior and shut in population who are unable to leave their home (personal communication, February 5, 2014). According to Crosson-Tower (2013) one of the solutions to child poverty is to, “ensure that emergency services are in place. Emergency assistance programs that provide food, clothing and shelter to families in times of crisis must be available and have adequate

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