Catholic Palm Sunday Service

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The performance I observed and participated in is the Catholic Palm Sunday service. The service began outside and away from the church, allowing for the procession with the palms to the church, where the rest of the service takes place. The physical context of the performance/service is a Catholic church. However, the context of the service within the Catholic liturgical year is of greater importance. Palm Sunday service occurs annually and takes place during the Lenten period (a season of preparation before Easter, 40 days before Easter). Palm Sunday takes place the Sunday before Easter Sunday and marks the beginning of Holy Week, the final week of Lent. I chose to observe this space because I was interested in experiencing it as a performance and viewing it through a different lens and was also interested to see how different my experience would be this year in a different church. I had attended the Palm Sunday service many times before and prior to attending the service I wrote down all the themes within the service I could recall. I planned to attend the service with these themes in mind while trying to see how this year’s service differed from the services I had attended before and what other themes I observed in this particular performance of Palm Sunday. I both observed and participated in the service while mentally noting themes during the service. The service lasted an hour and a half and I observed the entire service. I found it difficult to view the service as a
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