Catholicism And Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Catholicism and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder mix like oil and water that was set on fire and then thrown into the Hudson. To put it simply, sin scared me. The second that rancid word entered my mind, the Hudson that was my mind would only get more contaminated and become virtually unswimmable. Once the word “hell” was poured in as well, radioactive three-eyed fish would be seen dead on the surface of the river. I would constantly annoy people due to my excessive apologizing. This fervor of guilt would culminate into me apologizing for apologizing, which would then leave me feeling guilty due to bothering people with all my apologizing. To me, minor offenses such as cursing and lying seemed grave enough for the death sentence, so…show more content…
It was excruciatingly tedious in every aspect, but my parents believed it would be good for me, and I felt it would be a good way to educate myself in order to avoid sin. As monotonous and unhelpful as these classes were, they did make me more interested in the actual scripture that Catholicism offered. I would constantly tell myself that I was going to read the entire Bible on my own. I 'd get a few pages into Genesis, read the same story of Adam and Eve, tire, and then re-read the same chapter a couple weeks later. At this point in my life, I had become an altar server. The presiding pastor of my church was an old Brooklynite named Msgr. Dominick. In retrospect, if there was ever a pastor who had tragically lost his faith, it was surely Father Dom. Father Dom was the kind of man you picture with a scratchy voice and a pipe in his glove compartment. He was a sarcastic and cynical man, who would do everything in his power to mess with the congregation. When the choir would go on strike, he would use a tiny thrift shop speaker to play children 's choir music in spite of them. On occasion, Father Dom would pretend the altar servers were deaf to confuse the lectors. Every Sunday morning, he would tell me it was time to “wake up the Jews”, and would play the church bells as loud as he could. Despite the fact that Father Dom

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