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Kaitlin Duffy Professor Warnke 7/30/13 Paper 2-Poetry Cathy Song is a 60 year old woman who resides in Honolulu HI with her husband and 3 children. Along with being a wife, mother, and daughter, Song is a developed poet as well. Although Song does not particularly like being classified as an Asian-American poet, her ethnicity largely influences her poetry as well as her family life. Concerning her ethnicity, Song states “I am just a poet who just happens to be Asian-American.” Ethnic background and her family are not the only things that distinguish Cathy Song apart from other poets. Song also has a habit of bursting strong imagery in her poems during pivotal points in her poetry to help a particular piece of the poem stand out and…show more content…
Song later writes “It seems it has always been like this: the two of in this sunless room,” this tells the reader that she has bathed her mother many times, possibly attempting to pay back her mother for everything she has done for Song. The reader is also able to find Song illustrate her bursts of imagery to convey and important piece of the poem in “The Youngest Daughter.” Song uses imagery to truly reflect and highlight the themes of ethnic background and family life. The most descriptive piece of the poem is found in the third stanza where Song is describing the experience of bathing her mother in the morning. Song describes “She was in good humor, making jokes about her great breasts, floating in the milky water like two walruses, flaccid and whiskered around the nipples.” Song describes her mother’s breasts so vividly because they represent her mother’s life, having raised 6 children from breast feeding and now all they are now is useless. Maybe this is how Songs mother feels about her own life, she once had a great purpose in raising her 6 children and now she really has no purpose in life because she is unable to even take care of her own self and must have others help her. In the poem “Eat,” the reader is confronted with the ethnic background theme very early on in the poem Song writes “For the starving children in China, I have learned to eat whatever I am given. Even

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