Catilina Island Trip

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Today was the last day of my field trip to Catilina island. I was going kayaking that day. I was on a rocky beach. I could here the waves crushing agisnt the rocks as we where getting ready to go out to sea on the kayaks. The sea breeze stung my face when I looked into it. We had to put on water shoes to keep our feet from getting cuts on the rocks. The shoes did not do a very good job of keeping our feet from hurting, altho they did stop us from getting cuts. The hardest part was getting the kayaks to the shore. They were about 48 to 58 feet from the shore. It was hard because we could not drag the kayaks to the shore. After we got the kayaks to shore we sat in our kayaks ready to go out to sea. This felt surprising to me as it was a new…show more content…
We went quite fast compared to the other kids there, in my opion I think we went the fastest. When we where out at sea Dan held his paddle up that meant to go to him while holding on to eachoters kaicks once we got to him. At least ten times we yelled “ICEBURG.” This meant to look out we will run into you. My throat got sore from yelling iceburg so many times. I fanily realized that I was wet because the ore brought up water onto the kayak. People were also throwing seaweed at us. The seaweed that was not from there felt like an unsticky spiderweb but more durable. The seaweed that was from the island was a teardrop shape with a vertical oval alomost at the bottom. It felt better than the other seaweed and also a little bit like wet rubber. In my opion I thought it felt good. When I saw the seals and the sea otters I was squealing with excitement even though I’ve seen them before in the zoo. The baby ones where the cutest as they were laying on the rock. We passed by them altho the current was there so we had to fight it a little bit so we would not hit the rocks. When we where heading back we stopped about a little less than halfway to the shore from where we where
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