Cation and Amnion Lab Essay

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Name: Lisa Brewer iLab, Week # 2 CATIONS AND ANION LAB Introduction The purpose of this week’s lab is to learn to demonstrate a double-replacement reaction of ionic compounds. To accomplish this, two ionic compounds will be mixed together and the product will precipitate out of solution. In this procedure, the product must be precipitated out of the solution and then weighed. For this lab, lead (II) nitrate (Pb(NO3)2) and potassium chromate (K2CrO4) will be reacted together to demonstrate double replacement reaction between 2 ionic compounds. This was shown when chromate replaced the nitrate and formed lead (II) chromate, and when the nitrate replaced the chromate and formed potassium nitrate, which is shown in the…show more content…
This indicates a reaction occurred and precipitate has formed and settled on the bottom of the beaker. Set up the Erlenmeyer flask with a Buchner funnel. Select equipment from toolbar, then from the dropdown menu, select Erlenmeyer flask—250mL. Right click the Erlenmeyer flask, choose Buchner funnel. The Buchner funnel will be added to your Erlenmeyer flask. Select the 100mL beaker and right click on Pour/Decant. The flask will turn on its side so that you can move the beaker above the Buchner funnel. The solution will pour into the funnel when positioned correctly. Note: When the solution has been filtered, a white area will appear on the bottom of the flask. Right click the flask. Select Buchner funnel. Message window appears with question. Select place solid into 50mL Test tube. Click OK. Note: a test tube will appear with a small amount of precipitate on the bottom. To measure the weight of the precipitate, right click the test tube. Select show weight. The weight of the precipitate will appear below the test tube. Record this information in the Observations and Results section of the lab report, including the weight and appearance of the precipitate. Observations and Results The appearance of the precipitate was shown several ways during the experiment. In the 100mL beaker, after both chemicals were added, it was shown as a dotted solution. It was then shown as a solid and a white color in

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