Cats Persuasive Speech

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Leon Wan
ENG 2D-03
Ms. Gordon
February 6th, 2017
Can cats survive all falls?
Topic: Animals, Science
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Description: William Shakespeare referred to the myth “A cat has nine lives” in his play Romeo and Juliet, which arguably came from cats’ ability to always land on their feet. The biped of ancient Egypt was fascinated by the feline arts of swiftness and tenacity for their remarkable survivals from high falls. In this short, interesting talk, Leon shares the science behind these amazing skills of cats.
5 years ago, “a cat in the US city of Boston survived a fall from a 19-storey window and only bruised her chest. How do cats survive falls from such great heights?” Can they survive all falls?
The answer is obviously
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With five months of tracking stats of the New York City’s Animal Medical Center, it pointed out an abnormal phenomenon — cats had a higher risk of injuries from lower floors than higher floors. Since then, cat lovers paid high attention to falling cats, and subsequent research paper was published. Cat owners from around the world came to general conclusions such as kittens have a higher risk of falling, cats have a higher risk of falling in warmer weathers, and cats who lives in 3rd and 4th floors have the highest risk of…show more content…
Dead cats don’t talk, and they don’t go into hospital records.
In recent decades, all of the cat fall statistics come from pet hospitals. Crazy experiments of throwing cats out of tall buildings don’t exist. As a result, these statistics contain inevitable margins of errors — all of the cats sent to pet hospitals were the ones which their owners believed that could be saved, so the cats that died straight away were not accounted for. Can you imagine an owner asking a vet for treatment holding a pile of bloody flesh?
In contrary, unless there were life risks, owners tend not to send cats who fell from lower floors to the hospitals. This explains why cats that fell from lower floors have a higher odds of injury than cats that fell from higher floors. The 90% survival rate from the studies was not the survival rate of cats that fell, but of those that were sent to hospitals for treatment.
High survival rates can’t explain why cats are good at falling. Cats that die on their way to the hospital, ones that weren’t discovered in time after the fall, and those that could not be saved or died instantly couldn’t affect the 90% survival rate because the statistics didn’t include these unlucky
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