Cattell's Analysis of Specification Equation Essay

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John is sitting in an upscale restaurant with a few of his co-workers from the law firm. The atmosphere is nice. The food is good. The waitresses are beautiful. For some reason, because of his lack of social assertiveness, John is having a hard time fitting into the group. He is feeling left out of conversations and seemingly always one step behind the conversation. They have just sat down and he is already feeling his palms become sweaty. The waitress comes to the table and asks the other guys what they want to drink. They all agree on a variety of wines; cabernets, pino noirs, pino blancs, zinfandels, ect. Now, John normally doesn’t drink anything. In fact, he has seen the effects of alchohol in an alcoholic mother growing up. He knows…show more content…
His wife, Jane, just lost her mother and John was great at helping her cope and offering her a shoulder to lean on. Intellect: 90. John is a very analytical kind of thinker, growing up with his father, an avid research chemist for a local university. John is always curious about the way things work and why they work. Jane becomes increasingly frustrated when John repeatedly takes all the electronics in the house apart before reassembling them. Emotional Stability: 86. John has a great deal of emotional stability within his life. He has no kids, but has a loving wife which he is very devoted to. He has a great job as a lawyer and has a moderate income. He feels like his life is playing out the way that he anticipated it. He also has a strong relationship with his family, visiting his mom a few times a month for dinner. Aggressiveness: 50. This is an area where John has problems being aggressive. While driving, he is what is referred to as a “granny driver,” being very conservative and considerate of others. He lacks in the ability to both recognize things he wants to be assertive with, and following through on those things. He also has a difficult time asking people to quiet down, or move out of his way. Liveliness: 58. John is a middle kinda guy. He doesn’t go out on the weekends to be the life of the party, but he doesn’t really like just sitting at home all the time. He enjoys
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