Cattle: A Narrative Fiction

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“Thank you for your purchase and have a nice day!” the self-checkout cashier robotically states when I am finished making my purchase. “Moo!” I overhear distantly in the background. “What was that?” I ask myself. “Well, maybe it’s just something new they added to the store.” As the automatic doors slide open, all I notice is a mass of black and white cows. On bicycles. “What is going on?” I screech. I frantically survey the crowd. Shortly thereafter, I spot a lady in the sea of moving cows. “Hello! Miss! Do you know why we’re surrounded by cows riding bicycles?” I inquire anxiously. She doesn’t answer. She blankly stares out into the distance and begins walking stiffly in the same direction as the…show more content…
I glance behind and observe one of my teachers, Mr. Smith, rubbing his white goatee in confusion. “Mr. Smith! It’s me!” I cry. “Hello! What is going on?” he questions me. “I was wondering the same thing,” I respond. “Well, let’s just calm down and figure this out,” he calmly suggests. He doesn’t seem flustered at all. “I don’t know what else we can do,” I reply. In the meantime, we investigate and discover lime green flyers around the store doors. I didn’t see those before. “If you or someone you know loves to bike, then come on down and ride for ‘moos’. We’re raising money so cows can be humanely raised without adding unnecessary chemicals or hormones. Please support us on October 5th,” Mr. Smith recites, “Well, that’s what must be going on! I heard about this on the news today. We have nothing to worry about! I bet people just dressed up for the cause.” “Yeah, that seems right,” I respond. As I see Mr. Smith carry his groceries to his car, I look at the flyer again. Clearly, there’s a flagrant smudge right by the “th” in “5th”. I remove the smudge and see the full date. “October 5th,
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