Cattle Raiding in Uganda

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It is not a new occurrence, in fact it is ancient. However, due to several unfortunate stressors experienced in northern Uganda, it has become a major issue. Particularly the impaction of AK-47 weapons that the Karimojong agropastoralists needed to adapt to in order to survive. Cattle raiding with AK-47 guns rapidly increased among the nomadic herding societies in the 1970s. Several studies have shown that there have been dire consequences due to these methods. Such as; decreased female fertility and an increased mortality of young children along with adult males as well. The study in the article was “initiated by ____ Gray in 1998 to document changes in the sturucutre and functioning of an African pastoralist ecosystem as a result of economic development and modernization and to quanitfy the effects of this transfomration on human biobehavioral adaptability” Northeastern Uganda has suffered multiple economic develpments which greatly effected herd management. As well as land use, and distribution of resources become unstable during harsh seasons. Thus, their livestock and rangeland depleted leaving the population with scarce foods and subjected to an increase of life threatening diseases. The Karimojong consist of specialized pastoralist societies. The Turkana, the group of people who the Karimojong are frequently compared to, seem to have come from a common ancestor of the Karimojong. Although, both share ancestry that can be…

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