Causal Academic Critique And Argument Research

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This semester, I learnt many writing skills and tried different type of essays. I wrote three type of essay, Formal Academic Critique, Causal Analysis and Argument Research. We started with practicing the technique to summarize and paraphrase the article. Then we did research practice based on “Stand on your Ground”. Through this practice, I learnt how to narrow down my topic, by combing the main topic, viewpoint and focus aera. This skill is very useful, as it is easier to structure essay in this way.
I did not know any critique analyze skills before I finish this critique essay. I criticized “The Sexual Misery of the Arab World” written by Kamel Daoud. Through the critique essay writing process, I learnt many new knowledge that helped me to complete my essay. First, I learnt the difference between summary and critique. Such as a successful summary restated resources in my own words; present only the main, or important details; maintain a neutral and objective stance. A successful critique moves beyond summary; assess or analyze what author want to present; should offer interpretations and judgments about what I read; give evidence to support my evaluation. Second, summary and critique do have something in common, such as both of them should be written in present tense, stated title, author’s full name and formatted in MLA styles.
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I analyzed the effects of music downloading on the music industry. I learnt how to cite sources in APA styles. Before this, MLA styles is the only citation I know. I learnt that I should indicates the cause and effect pattern and the clear topic in this type essay’s thesis statement. I learnt that I can structure a cause and effect essay in two ways: Chronological order and emphatic order. Chronological order discusses the causes and effects in the order that they occur. Emphatic order reserves the strongest or most significant cause and/or effect until the
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