Causal Argument: Why Do People Change The Way They Look? Essay

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Causal Argument: Why Do People Change The Way They Look? Oscar Wilde once wrote: “It is only shallow people who judge by appearance. The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible” (qtd in Davis 1). Obviously, humans have all been created differently. That is why we all do not look alike. But now, the idea of having the ideal shape and look is one of the issues everyone has to deal with. Some want to get thinner, while a few do not care about it. Others even change the color of their skin. The desire to be like someone else is getting bigger and bigger for so many reasons that cannot be completely explained. This is due to the fact that people are different and think differently about their own image. But most of…show more content…
In other words, all these complex ideas exist because of the rules that lead our society. Indeed, our society has already set the behavior each normal citizen should follow. Everyone has to fit in it; otherwise, the concerned is put aside, marginalized. And Richard Rodriguez explains this idea through the words of his mother in public with regard to the different color of his skin: “Put a towel on over your shoulders” (441). However, some may say, and it is true, that if the society did not have rules and ideals, people would live a disordered life. Indeed, the community rules are here to help us recognize what we have as “bad”, to abandon them, and to give our best for the development of our community. This assumes that a definition of the concept “bad” should be reviewed and restricted to anything that can negatively influence the moral and ethical life of the community. For instance, to be black is not bad since originally, it never brought a negative influence to this world. People also feel inferiority complexes for historical reasons. Indeed people trying to change the way they look, argue that others will never like them as they really are. This is the case of the racial influences. Indeed, since the colonization of African coutnries by europeans, the white race has been considered as superior. Thus, a black is more likely to compare himself inferior to a white. People, organizations, philosophers have tried everything to prove that we are all equal. The
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