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Running head: CAUSAL RISK FACTORS Causal Risk Factors Sharon O'Keefe Grand Canyon: SPE 513 October 5, 2011 Causal Factors coincide Identifying and understanding the causes of Emotional and Behavioral Disorder (EBD) can help in developing successful interventions and prevention strategies. Research has been unable to show that any specific factors cause EBD, but causal risk factors seem to concur with EBD. These risk factors are categorized as either internal (biological) or external (family, school, and culture) (Yell, Meadows, Drasgow, and Shriner, 2009). Internal risk factors encompass an individual’s characteristics, while external risk factors encompass family, school, and culture. Depending on the developmental stage…show more content…
There are six main models that may be useful (Yell, et al, 2009). The first model is the psychoanalytic model purports that emotions and behaviors are caused by pathological imbalance in mental states. Treatment includes therapy and a very accepting teacher in a permissive classroom environment (Yell, et al, 2009). The second model is the biological or biogenic model where it is thought that behaviors are a result of physiological influences, like genetics, biochemical and temperament factors. Usual treatment is drug therapy or surgery (GCU, 2011). The third model is the humanistic model believes that behavior is the result of a clash between societal pressures to conform and a person’s self-actualization needs. Approach to treatment includes having a loving supportive environment, where students are encouraged to solve their own problems in a positive way (Yell, et al, 2009). This calls for higher level thinking about one’s thoughts and behaviors (GCU, 2011). The fourth model is the ecological model. In this approach, the student’s behavior is seen as a result of their environment. Problems occur when a person’s needs or character do not match their environment. This is when proper placement is imperative (Yell, et al, 2009). The fifth model is the psychoeducational model. The belief of this model is that there is and

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