Causation Of School Shooting

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The Causation of School Shooting through Psychotic Behaviour
The statistics regarding the causalities stemming from rampage school shootings have increased greatly over the past few years. This probably results from each perpetrator being grotesquely inspired by their predecessor, in which they will applaud and acknowledge in their manifesto. These individuals usually possess abnormal behaviours and will manifest qualities of psychopathy which is “a personality style epitomized by a blatant disregard for others, both behaviourally and emotionally” (Roesch et al, 2014, pg. 74). People who are labelled as psychopaths have the ability to act on their malicious thoughts without feeling any remorse or having any empathy. With more people becoming
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Mental health disorders can affect the behaviours of individuals which explains the increasing number of them exerting their frustrations towards a school environment. Factors resulting from mental illnesses can affect individuals to exhibit abnormal behaviour such as violence and crime. Violent behaviour is an associated quality that has been linked to mental illness. According to a study by Swanson and associates, individuals were stated to be more likely to identify with violent acts versus those with no mental disorders (Roesch et al, 2014). Majority of the people who decided to act on their violent behaviour are suffering with a mental illness. The Columbine school shooting that happened in the late nineties, was executed by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. They set up bombs in a failed attempt to divert emergency responders while they went to their high school to attack their fellow peers and teachers. They killed twelve students and one teacher before turning their guns on themselves. Eric Harris, who was said to be the mastermind of the attack happened to be a psychopath. This was confirmed by several psychiatrists who participated in a summit held by the Federal Bureau of…show more content…
That’s why the system creates tests or trials for individuals to be tested on their knowledge of right and wrong, such as the M’Nagthen Standard (Roech et al, 2014). Usually these people would not comprehend being culpable for their actions, however they will justify their beliefs and reasoning. Harris felt that everyone was inferior to him. One of his journal entries he wrote “I feel like God and I wish I was, having everyone being OFFICIALLY lower than me” (Toppo, 2009). A characteristic trait of psychopathy is being very pretentious, which is regarding oneself to be more impressive than others. The study also showed the subjects with narcissistic qualities and who felt superior to others had inflated violence rates as well (Nestor, 2002). This quality is was shown though the journal or manifesto. Rodgers felt that it was an injustice because women rejected his sexual advances. Therefore the “Day of Retribution”, the term that he coined was the day that he was going to make women pay for the suffering that was caused (Rodino-Colocino, 2014). The sense of entitlement or having privilege over others was the reason for wreaking havoc against
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