Cause And Consequences Of Cheating

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Cheating in Exams: Causes and Consequences
Cheating is the most crucial decision made by students in order to avoid the pressure that involved in exams to have good grades and sound academic records. Now a days cheating is becoming so common that the children don’t even think of it as cheating anymore and even don’t think that it is wrong. Life has become very competitive and to be active in this race many of the students choose the way of cheating in order to make their performances better. Every student has its limitations and strengths and hinders their limitations they usually opt for cheating and become competitive by choosing the dishonest way of performing things. Therefore, due to involved rewards and accomplishments attached with good grades, most of the students cheat to get admired and rewarded by others.
Cheating provides a quick way of smartness to achieve good grades, but in the long run it causes serious consequences which may not be eliminated from life like it makes students dishonest, lazy, dumb, less creative, incompatible and non thinkers in life. Due to lack of knowledge they always tend to face failures and distress in life by which they also lose their self respect and confidence in them. They become less adhere to seek challenges and risks in life and always seek to stay away from
Due to leniency in college guidelines and policies, the cases of cheating are increasing in colleges which result in polarized work and forgeries in the examination. The
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