Suicide Research Papers

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Suicide has become very common throughout the years. People of all ages commit it, and so forth to relieve themselves from their problems. Their mindset can sometimes be unclear, but it’s incredibly mournful to think taking your own life is the only way out to feel alleviation. Suicide is a plan someone can’t be necessarily pressured to do. They accomplish it on their own; for their reasons. Of course, everyone knows the causes that could drive people to such a terrible decision; such as bullying or having financial issues. Countless people don’t know the terrifying effects that are dealt with after the incident. A variety of the outcomes are mortifying and very hard to tolerate. Suicide has severe negative consequences, and it leaves traumatizing concerns within the community that could take time and emotional help to resolve.
Experiencing a loss is a terrible struggle for the family. It takes time and comfort to recover from it. Most suicides come unexpectedly and hit family members like a ton of bricks. The grievance that overcomes them can eventually lead to depression. It is also said family members begin to feel “extreme guilt for not preventing the suicide” (Tracy “Effects of Suicide on Family Members, Loved ones”). Nobody should ever feel guilty for a determination one made. Using doing this bring regret to a family. Only hoping for the “what if” and wishing they could reverse back time. Unfortunately, an action can’t be undone, and we as humans must pay
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