Cause And Effect Essay : Causes And Effects Of Stress?

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Causes and Effects of Stress
According to HeartMath LLC,“Stress is the basic cause of 60% of all human illness and disease”. Stress is a huge problem in the world today and affects many people. Everyone has different stress triggers. For example, work, school, and children are all parts of life that many people struggle with and cause them to go into overload. Stress can take a toll on many people's bodies and can cause serious problems. In opposition to the people who think that stress is a negative, some people say that it is a positive. They claim that it motivates them, boosts their adrenaline, and makes them smarter.
Many people in the world experience stress in their everyday lives. Adults experience most of their stress in the workplace. Long hours, a heavy workload, and changes in the company are some of the attributions to why they are so stressed. Long hours can cause tension because of the lack of sleep that adults get, working more than they are used to. A heavy workload can seem very overwhelming and extreme deadlines make it even worse. Changes in a company can also cause tension because changes often lead to more work or a different environment. For example, if the company hires a new person, someone else is responsible for giving them the training they need to fit the job. Also, if the chemistry of the coworkers is not good, that causes tension and makes it harder to work in that environment. Maritta Kinnunen-Amoroso and Juha Liira suggest that, “The

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