Cause And Effect Essay-It's Time To Drought In California

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Imagine living in a state that used to be so beautiful and thriving, not a problem to dwell over. Think of how glorious it would be to have thriving farmers raising plenty of livestock and growing an abundance of crops, all able to do this because they have enough water to make that happen. Imagine how accomplished you would feel if the state you habit was known for its jaw-dropping sights of deep forests. That place was California. However, that was California five years ago, before this terrible drought came along. Californians cannot run water without being fined $500, Californians do not have water to give their livestock something to drink or water their crops. Also, wildfires are becoming much worse than in the past since there is no water to put the fires out. In the first place, California is known for dangerous wildfires that destroy forests, homes, businesses, and even highways. Since California has suffered from a drought for almost half a decade, water is scarce, which means it is highly difficult to put out these fires. Do not forget this, but since very little rain has come through it is extremely dry and makes fires more powerful to blaze. The fires are getting worse and worse throughout the years, and due to a water shortage there is no way to put out the…show more content…
Livestock are dying from lack of water and extreme heat, and crops are dying from the same thing, too much heat for delicate plants to handle and not enough water. Over 95% of California’s $43-billion agricultural sector is experiencing a severe, extreme, or an exceptional drought. The California drought has been affecting not only California, but it has affected nearly the whole country. How you ask? California produces lots of the county’s fruits and vegetables that cannot grow in other states. California’s climate is greatly dependent therefore it can grow those
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