Cause And Effect Essay On Adhd In Children

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Most children tend to be at least a little hyper when they are younger. Some are more hyper, or may have more energy, while others could have problems staying focused. Just because they can be hyper sometimes does not mean that they have a disorder. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. ADHD is when the frontal lobe of the brain, which controls one’s emotions, behavior, and judgement, may not work as it should. If one thinks them or their child has ADHD, they should look into some causes and symptoms of ADHD before coming to a conclusion about it.

While the cause of ADHD is not exactly clear, there are some different ideas of what could cause or help develop it. Genetics, one’s environment, and the development of the person could all be causes of ADHD(“Mayo Clinic”). ADHD can run in a family, so some people could develop it from their parents and the genes that get passed down from them. If one is exposed to lead, it could heighten the chances of
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The symptoms can often start during the early ages of a child’s life and continue on into adulthood, but symptoms do not always show at a young age(“Treatment”). Some symptoms for inattention include not being able to keep focus during conversations, lectures, or lengthy reading, not listening when one is directly spoken to, not following through with tasks such as school work, getting easily sidetracked, forgetting things throughout the day, and having problems organizing things(“NIMH”). Some signs of hyperactivity could include fidgeting in their seats, talking non stop, blurting out randomly, interrupting in conversations, and constantly being on the go(“NIMH”). Some people could show more symptoms of inattention, and some could show more of hyperactivity, it just depends. ADHD can be mistaken for emotional or disciplinary problems, and also for other disorders that have similar
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