Cause And Effect Essay On Casey Anthony

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On July 15, 2011, three years after her daughter had been missing, Casey Anthony was

declared “not guilty” in her court case. Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother, pronounced that Caylee

left her parent’s home one day with her child but she did not return. She had almost little to no

contact with her parents, who desperately wanted to see not only their child but also their two-

year-old granddaughter. Cindy Anthony, after numerous accounts of suspicion, reported that her

granddaughter had been missing for thirty-one days. Despite the jury’s ruling, there are too many

obvious clues, in my opinion, that lead to Casey Anthony being guilty.

On July 15, 2008, reporters received a call that a two-year-old girl had been supposedly

missing for up to
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Cindy’s father had also discovered that Casey’s car had been

towed, and when he and his wife went to pick it up they reported that it smelled as if something

had died in there. Sounding hysterical, Cindy cried: "There is something wrong. I found my

daughter's car today and it smells like there's been a dead body in the car." Soon after the police

had received this call, they started up their investigation. Casey Anthony was questioned about

her missing child and she claimed that Caylee had been kidnapped by Zenaida Fernandez-

Gonzalez, her nanny. This statement provoked furthermore curiosity, which enabled many more

questions. Although the Anthony family had always known about Zenaida, they had never

actually seen or even spoken to her. After getting Casey’s car back, her parent’s found her at the

home of her boyfriend, Tony Lazaro. George and Cindy Anthony took Casey home, but once

they questioned Casey about her daughter’s whereabouts, she broke down and went crazy. On

July 15, Casey claimed that she had left Caylee with Zenaida on June 16, and that’s the day that

the nanny had “kidnapped Caylee.” Later after many other reported lies had been
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