Cause And Effect Essay On Child Abuse

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Think about your childhood, coming home from school, going to practice, and then eating dinner with your family, and your parents coming tucking you into bed and kissing you to bed. The sad truth is that not everyone gets to have that ideal childhood according to the American Society for Positive Care for Children there were 7.2 million reported child abuse cases last year. Tiffany Sharples wrote in Time Magazine last year 9 out of 10 child abuse cases go unreported. Abuse does not only affect children physically but it's also detrimental impact on the child's mental health causing long lasting mental health problems. There are many different forms of child abuse. In “A Child Called It” Dave suffers many different kinds of extreme abuse. Child Abuse can be physical, emotional , psychological and neglect. Kids that are abused are 25% more likely to have mental health issues. Statically that means 1.8 million children that were abused are going to suffer from a mental health issue. One out of four kids are going to suffer for a circumstances which they where they were helpless in. According to Victor Carrion a professor at the University of Stanford says "Children experiencing four types of trauma were 30 times more likely to have behavior and learning problems than those not exposed to trauma." As well as these kids suffering from a mental illness, 30% are more likely they will also suffer a learning disability too. Imagine going to school depressed and your mind is
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