Cause And Effect Essay On Drug Addiction

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Have you ever thought to yourself about what addiction is and what it can do to somebodies wellbeing. Why do people get addicted to drugs? What is addiction and how does if affect your life, or can addiction be more than just drugs and alcohol? Addiction has become a very big problem in our society and affects a lot of people including adolescents. Addictions is the outcome of a person with a chronic disorder that can be influenced by biological, psychological, social aspects. Drugs can be in a social setting and can be influenced by a loved one. Addiction can also be a part of a cycle that you see among family members or people close to you. The definiton of addiction does a very nice job of being relevant to drugs, but does not do a every good job adding the non-drug addictions that undergo the same patterns that addicts would go through. When talking about the nature of drug abuse you have to talk about the chemicals. Dopamine is one of these chemicals. Dopamine is the chemical that make things feel good. When using certain drugs the drug will trigger dopamine, which then gives the addict or user an outstanding good feeling that can lasts a short amount of time and then eventually goes away. With this overflow of dopamine in the body and the feeling of feeling good is the driving factor of why a user/addict keeps using(Koehl, lecture, 2017). When you have an addiction triggers of craving the drug are high when you are not high on the drug. Even though the
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