Cause And Effect Essay On Smoking

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A cigarette contains a very dangerous chemical called nicotine, which is a habit-forming chemical. Smoking tobacco is addictive. In the United States, I have seen a lot of people smoking in different places like bars, parks, on the street, in bus stations and parties. I have also seen people who smoked in, no-smoking zones. These days, I have seen many teenagers who smoke at their early ages. Despite knowing cigarette contain very dangerous and toxic chemical, people still smoke them. Although many people who smoke say that smoking is a harmless addiction, which makes them feel relaxed and happy, but they should know that smoking can cause serious health issues and affects the environment negatively.

Firstly, people who smoke usually notice that there is a prevention sign that’s mandated by the government on every packet of cigarettes that smoking is injurious to health. Smoking causes a lot of health issues, which are very costly to treat. Many people lost their lives because they smoked. According to the article “Where there’s smoke, there’s diseases “, nearly 400,000 Americans die from smoking related diseases (p-3, Gloeckner). Smoking is a main cause of serious diseases such as chronic obstructive preliminary disease (COPD) and lung cancers. It also affects the heart. The article provides that about 136,000 American die of cancer and ninety percent of lung cancer is caused by smoking (p-1, Gloecknmer). The author provides that 115,000 Americans die from heart diseases

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