Cause And Effect Essay On Weather Change

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The weather is changing in a major way. Many people believe that this change is normal. The weather change is being caused largely by human activity. Humans are causing the weather change by burning fossil fuels, rising the CO2 level, and ignoring the issue. Human beings play an enormous role in the current climate change that are affecting planet earth today. The first major way that humans are affecting the climate is by burning fossil fuels. Even though fossil fuels are needed in today's society they are being overused; to the point that non reusable resources are used everyday. People use them in different way; for their cars, for buses, trains and some use these foil fuels to warm their homes. Corporations use them to make and deliver their products. Like an article stated “The basic claim of the paper is that by burning fossil fuels at a prodigious pace and a pouring heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, humanity is about to provoke an abrupt climate shift”(Gillis 11). This is how the fossil fuels are changing the climate. Before humans started using these resources, the climate stayed fairly similar. Now that humans are burning these resources, the weather is changing drastically. The glaciers are melting because the burning fossil fuels are releasing gases that are trapping heat in the atmosphere. The melting polar ice caps are raising sea levels and putting coastal cities in danger of flooding. If a new source of renewable energy isn’t found quickly then,

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