Cause And Effect Of A Tornado

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A tornado is a viscous and possibly deadly occurrence in our weather that can happen at any time or any place around the world with almost no warning. I reside in the panhandle of Florida where we have hurricanes and tornadoes. Weather forecasters can give people enough warning that they can prepare and/or leave in the event of a hurricane, however a tornado is much different. Hurricanes present favorable weather conditions for tornadoes, as well as normal, everyday, rainy weather patterns do. I have lived through a direct hit by a tornado in 1981 where there no warnings or signs given. There were no thunderstorms, nor any “hair raising” activities of what weather could be lurking out there; we were having just a normal rainy day in the Florida panhandle. There were no weather statements or warnings that we have available to us today. The warning we received as we ate supper that Sunday afternoon was the horrific sound of a train. I was 11 years old and did not know or understand what was going on, but I instinctively knew something was terribly wrong, as did my parents. We took cover in a small bathroom in our house for what seemed like hours that was in fact just minutes. There were several injuries, homes destroyed around us and throughout our town, terrible destruction everywhere, and we survived. That was God answering prayers that were rapidly being said as we prayed for our lives. I can honestly say that pine straw can really stick in brick, dogs
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