Cause And Effect Of Cancer

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When asked to recall the biggest turning points in my life, my immediate thoughts unfortunately go to the death of my grandmother and of my best friend’s mother. Although these were completely unrelated events, they have one factor in common, cancer. The dreaded disease has been wrecking havoc on the lives of many, as there are over a million new cases diagnosed each year. The increase of cancer is due to new screening, new diagnostic tests, and an increase in exposure to carcinogens. It seems every individual has been affected by cancer in some way, whether it was personal or through friends and family. The word cancer encompasses over 100 different diseases that develop in different cells and destroy different organs all throughout the body. But, the body is not the only thing to take a toll; cancer infects the mind just as much as the body. Both of the women in my life fell victim to their cancers, and after reflecting on the end of their lives, I noticed similarities between the ways they reacted to and handled their bad news. The similarities were due to the fact that although they battled different cancers, their minds both battled cancer in general. Cancer is not just a physical disease; it is a mental one that harms the brain in forms of a psychiatric disorder. Researches have conducted studies to help understand the correlation between cancer and psychiatric disorders. In one survey, researchers found that 63% of their patients were diagnosed with a psychiatric

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