Cause And Effect Of Climate Change

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The Earth’s temperature is rising, the oceans are warming, glaciers are retreating and because of this, our sea level is rising and more (Climate Change Evidence). The climate changing has the potential to completely damage our world. Animals, plants, ecosystems and our health will all be affected. Changing weather patterns are already wreaking havoc in coastal areas and areas prone to flooding. While other areas are experiencing droughts and wildfires (The Threats of Climate Change). Human activity on Earth is to blame. We are causing a “greenhouse effect.” Burning fossil fuels, coal, oil, driving cars and more are attributing to this (Climate Change Causes). Yet, with all this evidence in hand, climate change is still a hotly debated topic in our society. However, a study in 2010 found that 97-98% of climate researchers that are most active in their field all agree that human activity is the primary culprit for global climate change. This same study also found that the proficiency of researchers that do not believe humans have caused climate change is "substantially below" that of researchers who believe that humans have caused the climate to change (Climate Change Instead of increasing funding to research, or putting forth funds to establish clean energy, our President, Donald Trump, has slashed the budget of the Environmental Protection Agency. He cut 80 million dollars from them (Mundahl). May Boeve, executive director of the environmental group,
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