Cause And Effect Of Drinking Water Drinking Bottles

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I thought that I might have a serious illness like a cancer because of my excruciating headache. This constant pain had continued a couple of months since delivering my baby. The result of an MRI, which indicated no problems, shocked me because it felt like I was having an earthquake in my brain. A doctor prescribed “lots of fluids” with the diagnosis of dehydration. I told the doctor, “Are you kidding? I spent five hundred dollars to see what is wrong with me, and you are telling me to drink water for my headaches?” Of course, I was glad I had no disease or illnesses, but the extravagance, and having no insurance, made me regret my decision to go to a doctor’s office. However, this incident gave me the knowledge about the importance of hydration and the importance of drinking four bottles of water each day. Most of us know we cannot survive without water, yet we may not understand why. So what does water do to our bodies? What happens if we do not drink enough fluids? We may think that water intake is a trivial issue, so we may neglect some of the signs of dehydration. However, the problem is that the danger of dehydration is very real and it can cause serious illness. Dehydration slowly drains our energy and can affect all of the body systems. Water is a critical component in cells and acts as a thermal regulator, a metabolic reaction, and a shock absorber. Each of the water molecules forms from two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom—known as H2O. Water molecules maintain
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