Cause And Effect Of Drought

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If you live in California you most likely have been affected or seen the impact of a drought. People living in different regions experience varying amounts of precipitation. These regions are also supplied with water from various sources such as streams, lakes and rivers that come from the snowpack in the mountains. This anticipated and relatively reliable source of water is used and managed for many actions, as water is vital to life. A drought occurs when less rainfall or water flow than is expected is experienced, usually over a period of time, resulting in a water shortage for some activity, group, or environmental sector. Droughts have occurred numerous times and will continue to exist in various degrees depending on weather patterns in the atmosphere. Weather is very unpredictable and uncontrollable so people can be facing any weather related crisis, such as a drought at anytime. The problem with a drought is that it creeps up slowly as water sources become low and the next rain can not be reliably predicted neither its intensity. Droughts can happen in any type of climate anywhere in the world but some areas are more prone to drought because they do not have adequate water sources and have seen population explosions that have a greater demand for water than the climate can support. Droughts can be classified as short term or long term. Short-term droughts usually impact the expected amount of water but although water resource levels are decreased they
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