Cause And Effect Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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One of the most dangerous substances to human kind can be purchased for a reasonable price and consumed by the most unreasonable people. Alcohol, a psychoactive drug, found within many adult beverages causes countless problems for people suffering from addiction but even more devastating are the mothers who drink when pregnant. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is a disorder that refers to mental and physical effects of an individual whose mother consumed large quantities of alcohol during pregnancy. Alcohol can destroy neurons in a growing fetus along with causing problems with growth and weight. In the past, alcohol has been shown to be the number one leading factor in a raise of individuals suffering intellectual disabilities. The symptoms of the disorder are wide while the causes are quite limited. Many mothers may understand the effects of alcohol on a growing fetus and continuously ignore them, while others abstain completely to avoid any disabilities. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is a complex disorder that can be easily prevented by avoiding alcohol, yet it is still highly seen in modern day communities. The disorder can be distinguished easily from others because of its wide variety of symptoms. The causes of this disorder are also widely known to originate from a mothers use of alcohol and the effects on livelihoods have been documented. There are several treatments available for individuals suffering from this disorder and some may help restore normal lives to those…
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