Cause And Effect Of Global Warming

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Do you believe in global warming? Many people around the world and politicians don’t believe in global warming because they think it’s only a “hoax’ but a lot of scientists think it’s true. In the article by Bill McNibben, he explains how fracking is a big issue in the United States because it produces a lot of methane gas and how it contributes to global warming. Secondly, the scientific journal written by Huiping Huang is about how the media needs to be more involved so they can teach people how to limit their Co2 footprint. I also discuss what causes global warming and the effects it has on the world. This research paper is about how fracking contributes to global warming, the media’s role on teaching people about global warming, and finally the cause and effect on global warming In the article Global Warming’s Terrifying New Chemistry written Bill McNibben states that the United States was just focusing on decreasing the country Co2 usage, but methane gas emissions increased during that time because of the use of natural gas. During 2002-2014 methane emissions increased by 30 percent and it accounted for 30-60 percent of enormous spike in methane in the planet’s atmosphere but Co2 emissions fell during this time (McNibben para 2). The Obama administration try limiting the U.S.A methane usage by making policy’s with Canada to “Stanching some of the leaks from all that new gas infrastructure”, but fracking was still a big issue in those countries (McNibben para 6).
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