Cause And Effect Of Global Warming

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The Effects of Global Warming
Most of the world’s population has agreed that global warming is real, and the major culprit in this crime is humans. Yet there are some exceptions who consider global warming a myth, some have argued that there has been a reduction in the rising of the global temperature, consequently causing civilians to refute the idea of the earth “warming”. This false information has led to little or no coverage about this issue; subsequently producing little or no solutions to this problem ravaging the place we call home. Among the major effects of global warming are the acidification of the ocean, the increase in drought and heatwaves, and the warming of the ocean.
By way of example, global warming has caused the increase in the acidification of the ocean. The acidification of the ocean has threatened the survival of many marine animals that are essential to the success of the ecosystem. Ocean acidification is the harmful consequence of the overabundance of carbonic gas (CO2) in the air that we cannot detect with our five senses, this is possible because its effects are occurring undersea. The sources of most carbon dioxide emissions are through the burning of coal and gas. When carbonic gas dissolves in seawater, it becomes more acidic and the ocean’s pH value drops immensely. An example of the effect of ocean acidification on sea water animals is that of the shells of crustaceans, mollusks, and many others. Shells are a form of protectant for these
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