Cause And Effect Of Global Warming

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One of the most severe issues facing the world today is global warming. There are several scientists who argue that society’s production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are having an intense heating effect on the earth’s atmosphere and that this would eventually mean catastrophic effects for human life. Global warming is the gradual heating of the Earth’s surfaces, oceans, and atmosphere. Most of the leading scientific organization in the world acknowledges global warming as a global threat, 97% of climate scientists agree that the rate of global warming trends the planet is now experiencing unnatural occurrences, but it is primarily the result of human activity. The effects of global warming are visible as climate change continues to endanger the Earth’s atmosphere, along with the inhabitants, industries, and ecosystems. To decelerate or end global warning we should give tax breaks …, promote the manufacture eco-friendlier vehicles (such as eco-boost, hybrids and electric), and relying on natural resources.
Global Warming started with the greenhouse effect, which caused interaction between the Earth’s atmosphere and incoming radiation from the sun. The solar radiation passed through the atmosphere onto the Earth’s surface, where it was absorbed and turned into heat. The Earth’s gases absorb about 90% of the heat and radiate which warmed the Earth about 59 degrees Fahrenheit. While this is a natural phenomenon, human activity has caused a significant increase
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