Cause And Effect Of Hades Research Paper

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Considering that Hades stole the can of paint it was a special type of paint from England, so the mother of Zeus ran out of the paint that means Zeus and his mother have to move back to England for at least three months because that’s how long it takes for the paint to get to England. Since Zeus moved Hera told Hades the news he moved and Hades had been sad for the past two days. Once Hades got over it Hera found two new friends for Hades and she did and boy named Lazaro and Jesus who knew the sport that Hades and Zeus were playing they called it soccer. Then the three boys formed and team of three vs three other boys they hated in their neighborhood, so they can make it more completive. During their soccer game a news van had passed the game and they started to back up and reported the first ever soccer game to be played in America. When Zeus turned on the tv when they have made it back to England he saw the soccer and he told his mother he wanted to go back immediately, and his mother had agreed with him and let him go.
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