Cause And Effect Of Imperialism In Kenya

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History within Kenya truly started from 1885-1963 and that’s when imperialism started in Kenya. The British owned Kenya as a colony and slowly started enforcing laws that Kenya had never experienced before. The imperialism that took place in Kenya had a massive effect on the economy, political parties, and culture. All three of these, that were affected of imperialism, still show these effects today. Although Kenya has recovered from a huge past.

The biggest reason the British colonized Kenya was to gain more power and land. In August 7, 1885 five German ships landed on the coast of Africa and then ships from London, France and Britain came to claim territory for themselves. All these countries end up taking territory and Britain and England ended up claiming Kenya together. The British eventually wanted more land, so they traded a tiny useless island to them for the rest of Kenya. The tiny island ended up being a huge profit to England. Later on the British claimed part of Uganda, but then revoked it to focus more on controlling Kenya. In 1944 the first African American received a seat in the council of Kenya (the council ran all of Kenya). In 1950 the British took over all of the council and later in 1952 Jomo Kenyatta was arrested for rebelling against the British and for being a terrorist. Kenyatta inspired people to rebel against the government and gave people hope. A total of 11,000 Africans were killed in prison camps for rebelling and protesting. The British
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