Cause And Effect Of Lung Cancer Essay

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Lung cancer is one of the most lethal cancer known throughout the world. The most common suspect of that is smoking, then what happens to the people who inhales the smokers’ smoke? Are they also at risk for developing lung cancer from being a victim? The answer to that right now is that secondhand smoke alone is just a risk factor, there are no evidence right now that currently show that secondhand smoke alone can cause lung cancer by itself. This means that we need to encourage studies that are accurate with only secondhand smoke as the center, but this doesn’t mean that secondhand smoke doesn’t cause lung cancer the only reason that it can’t be considered as a cause right now because there is no definite study that shows it does. I also encourage our government to help the public, especially schools and hospitals that have the most vulnerable people in regards to health, may they be more strict and tough on implementing the law in regards to smoking on these premises. Possibility of Lung Cancer by Second Hand Smoke Smoking is defined as someone who uses any tobacco products willingly. Some examples of tobacco products are cigarettes, cigar or anything that is smoked and inhaled that have tobacco substance within. The LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) society in the United States has an elevated risk of smoking than the rest of U.S. population. (Max & Stark, 2016) Some known common causes of smoking is to reduce anxiety or to reduce weight because people

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